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The Physician Associate National Licensing Certification and Recertification examinations are the only routes by which physician associate students and practising physician associates demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise in the UK. Upon passing the National Licensing Certification exam, they can then be registered on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR). The National Licensing exam comprises of two main components: a written examination and an OSCE examination whereas the Recertification exam involves only a written examination.

The written examination includes two theory paper exams taken on the same day. The exam tests four skill areas which include diagnosis, investigation, management as well as the context of clinical practice. Questions may include images, electrocardiograms and x-rays. 

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Plabable for PA Tips

The written exam has 200 single best answer questions to be completed in 4 hours divided into two 2 hour papers. This means you have 83 seconds to complete one question. There is a high proportion of people who fail because they were not able to complete the exam. Do not be one of them! Plan your time wisely. In the National exam, they will provide you with the normal laboratory values so you do not need to remember the normal values.

The examination will include a question book, an answer sheet and an image booklet containing any images such as electrocardiograms, x-rays and other images of clinical signs which correspond to their relevant question. It will be made clear in both the question book and image book which question the image pertains to. All answers must be recorded on the answer sheet in pencil, so we would advise recording your answer as you go along rather than at the end of the exam as you may run out of time. 

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